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Meplat Size...Does it Matter?

This test concerns only the size of the meplat, or the flat nose of the solids. This is a comparison of "Terminal Stability" and depth of penetration as meplat size increases. Using the 50 B&M and special bullets made by my friend Sam Rose we were able to determine optimum meplat percentage of caliber. While this is a small sample size, two test bullets with each meplat size, it is backed by a lot of work done with solids over the last few years. This tests confirms all the we have done in the past. Short story, 65%-70% meplat of caliber is optimum for straight line penetration, stability and depth of penetration. As meplat size increases to 75% and 80% terminal penetration remains stable, however you start to see a reduction in total overall penetration because of larger meplat size. 60% meplat for caliber is starting to become stable in a 1:12 twist barrel, it's not quite there, but it is trying. 50%, 55% meplat of caliber is not terminally stable, and a round nose solid cannot stabilize itself in this test medium.