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North Fork Technologies .500 Caliber

New for 2012, North Fork has changed the Nose Profile of the FPS, or Flat Point Solids. Not only in .500 caliber, but all calibers across the board. It is a significant improvement in Terminal Performance. The New FPS maintains it's 68% meplat of caliber, and feeds and functions perfect in the B&M Winchesters.  

North Fork Premium Bonded Core 50 B&M Alaskan


The New .500 caliber North Fork Prototypes arrived and have been tested, and approved for production. The only change made was to reduce the Meplat size of the FPS bullets, both 450 and 375 gr from 71% meplat to 68% meplat, everything else stays the same. When the prototype 68% meplat solids arrive I will test them, if all goes well, as I suspect it will, then they will be approved for final production. The Cup Point Expanding bullets have both been approved for production and should have them in a few weeks.


The new North Fork FPS 68% meplats have been approved for production.

These bullets take all the .500 caliber cartridges and rifles to new levels of performance.