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Brush Deflection in Big Bore Rifles

I think as hunters we all are faced with issues of brush deflection when in the field. I can count at least 4-5 times that I have had issues with brush, at times this deflection has caused some serious problems, or what could have been very serious.

Most of the time that I have had a problem with brush or a stick, branch, or limb between myself and the target, I did not realize the obstruction existed until after the fact.

This is something I have been wanting to test for some time now, and at last I have an opportunity to begin this project.

Our "Brush" consists of a series of Three 1.5X5 Flat cut sticks, spaced about 3 inches apart on a custom built holder.

The test has been finalized and will be tested in this manner.

1st-- Since there are several bullets being tested in each caliber, the Point of Impact is different for each bullet. The test will be conducted at 25 yards. The first target shot will be for POI only, and 2 rounds to determine POI.

2cd-- This will be the test shooting through the sticks. Each bullet will encounter 3 separate sticks at 10 Feet in front of the target. Since POI is established for each bullet, then measurements will be taken from POI to determine the amount of deflection for each round fired. Then a total # of inches of deflection will be recorded, along with average deflection of the 3 rounds fired.

3rd-- Some of the bullets will be tested for Terminal Performance after passing through the sticks. Only the bullets that are able to stay within the terminal box will be tested, that determined from the 2cd part of the test. Those that cannot be relied upon to enter the terminal box will not be tested for terminals because of too much damage to the range and facilities. Suffice to say, if it can't be relied upon to even be tested terminally, then it has already failed.

This is an ongoing project and will possibly take many months to complete. Currently the Plan calls for tests in .416, .458, .474 and .500 calibers. Of course the B&Ms will be used for the vast majority of the work done. It may be carried to some other calibers once these are completed.

Below please find the data in pdf format. You may down load for your records. As data becomes available it will be updated here, with the date at the tail end, for example "Deflection Tests 2272012" (2/27/2012)

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A few examples of the current test targets