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9.3 B&M Terminal Performance

I consider the 9.3 B&M an excellent, medium caliber cartridge. For medium jobs this is hard to beat. Anything that one would do with a 338 or 358 caliber rifle, the 9.3 B&M will handle with ease, and in my opinion do a better job of it at .366 caliber! Regardless of what they tell you, size does matter, and so does caliber, to a point.

Again, it's a package deal, of course there are cartridges that give you higher velocity, and more so called power, but they also come in a bigger package! Package deal, platform or rifle, combined with an adequate cartridge for the mission at hand, and most important the proper bullet in which to embark upon the mission!

I see the 9.3 B&M as the perfect rifle/cartridge combination for large antelope, elk, moose, and even all thin skinned dangerous game. In a pinch it would be adequate for the heavies too, with the right bullets.