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50 B&M Super Short Terminal Performance

The new bullets from North Fork and Cutting Edge Bullets have taken the 50 B&M Super Short up a giant leap in performance and capabilities, far beyond what I ever envisioned for this cartridge and rifle in the beginning.

My basic rule of thumb when talking about buffalo bullets is 18 inches of penetration in the test medium I use. Take a look at our premium 458 caliber bullets that are considered excellent for buffalo. 450 and 500 gr Swifts and North Fork Bonded, 500 gr Woodleighs, and many others considered over time to be superb buffalo bullets. Penetration falls into the 18-24 inch range for all these bullets.  

Now if buffalo was your number one goal, I would recommend one of the other cartridges that are certainly more capable, 500 MDM, 50 B&M, 458 and 416 B&M, but I will not discount the little 50 B&M Super Short of being capable of this mission, and more than just adequate with these bullets.   

Also with these bullets, and in particular the 375 North Fork CPS, I think the 50 Super Short enters into the Alaskan game fields as a short range "King of Rifles" for carrying around in the bush there. Incredibly short, light, and handy, this is going to be extremely difficult to top it's performance in the land of big bears and close range encounters, when all factors are added together.   

The 50 B&M Super Short is really in a class alone, there is nothing out there like it, and now with these bullets it will be hard to match it's performance for the size rifle you have in your hands.